November 2023 News

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Author: Mels Barton

Post Date: December 7, 2023


Quarterly Update

Summer’s about to start

We are primed and ready to kick into our field season, with the wet weather of the last 2 years finally looking like it is behind us and a hot, dry El Nino summer is forecast. In the next couple of weeks we will start offering treatment kits to the new landowners on our waiting list, with the hope that we can make good progress before Xmas on those sites.

Those landowners wanting to complete the work they started last year will be next on the list of priorities for us. So, if this is you and you’ve got time to do the work over the Xmas holidays please let Mels know on so we can ensure you get a kit before the Xmas break.

After the January holiday we will start contacting landowners who have treated their trees 4 or more years ago to see if you want to reassess the health of your trees with a view to identifying those with new symptoms that will need to be re-treated.

There will be plenty of opportunities for our Ambassadors to help with this work, so if you’re keen to join our field team and get out into the bush on some of these amazing properties you can sign up here and we will let you know when we plan to start our workshops.

Check out our new website

Home page of new website

Over the winter months we have completely revamped our website at with the help of web guru David Yates of Web Services. David has done an amazing job for us and been a delight to work with.


So if you are thinking of improving your website, we highly recommend David’s services.

We hope you like the new style and we’d love to have your feedback.



Thanks to Gary Stalker

Gary Stalker at Ghost Trees

We want to say a HUGE thank you to playwright and performer Gary Stalker, who also happens to be one of our landowner participants, for donating the entire proceeds of his one-night performance of Ghost Trees to Kauri Rescue.

Gary performed his incredible immersive play in Auckland for the Climate Festival in September to a sell-out crowd who were blown away by the intensity of the performance.


Congratulations to Shannon

Kauri Rescue has been working to support Shannon Hunter’s PhD research into Phytophthora agathidicida for a couple of years now. So, we were delighted to hear that she had been awarded one of only 15 prizes for her poster out of over 1000 posters at the International Congress of Plant Pathology conference in Lyon, France.

The title of her poster was Phytophthora species assemblages in kauri forests: Detected by isolating cultures and through metabarcoding and you can download a copy of it here

You can watch videos of some of the conference sessions via their website here.

Moves into Northland

Kauri distribution

We have recently solidified a relationship with the Te Roroa Kauri Ora team. Kauri Rescue is keen to expand the areas where we can help landowners, and this requires collaboration with local groups wherever kauri grows. Te Roroa’s rohe stretches along the west coast of Northland from the Hokianga to Tokatoka in the Kaipara, encompassing at its heart the Waipoua Forest and Kai Iwi Lakes. They have an established Kauri Ora team, and their Whakahikitia Te Kauri programme helps foster kauri forest health and people development. Their values and aims around kauri health align very well with those of Kauri Rescue. We are still in the early stages, but Te Roroa will be our partners on the ground within their rohe, working with local landowners to help to treat diseased trees and to generally foster kauri forest health. We are all looking forward to getting started on this mahi .

Thanks to our funders

The Kauri Rescue™ team want to extend a huge THANK YOU to our major funders who have continued to support our project.

The Biological Heritage National Science Challenge Ngā Rākau Taketake: Saving Our Iconic Trees Programme funding supporting our monitoring of previously treated trees for the past 3 years has all but finished. Their funding of our social science project is also coming to a close soon.

Auckland Council’s Natural Environment Targeted Rate and Regional Environment and Natural Heritage Grant funded 12 month contract with us finishes at the end of June 2024 and we are hopeful that they will continue to support our work helping Auckland ratepayers into the future.

Tiakina Kauri continue to support us with a project to work outside the Auckland Region and we hope to have some exciting news to share with you on that project very soon.